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August 16, 2017
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  • Bridgewater Pediatrics in Bridgewater, MA is seeking a part-time medical assistant. Reporting to the Nurse Manager, the Medical Assistant will collaborate with our pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and clinical team to provide care to infants, children, and teens.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Take patient vitals and dialog with patients and their parents to obtain a brief history, and properly log it in the patient’s electronic health record

    • Administer vaccinations and complete required documentation

    • Assist physicians and nurse practitioners with patient care, including assisting with various medical tests, blood draws, and administering medications as needed

    • Clean, disinfect, and prepare rooms as patients transition

    • Help to maximize efficiency and minimize wait times by facilitating optimal patient flow

    • Help make patients and their families feel comfortable and at ease

    • Assist with general duties and special projects as needed, including help at the front desk


    • Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Accreditation is required

    • Experience working with children in a pediatric setting is preferred

    • Candidate must be organized, detail oriented, and a team player who works well under pressure

    • Must possess a love for children and an ability to provide compassionate care

    To Apply:

    Send resume and cover letter via email to:

    Louis Lemieux
    Bridgewater Pediatrics
By contactus@bridgewaterpediatrics.com
April 20, 2017
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It is one of the most difficult tests a parent will face.  A child crying, screaming and clingy to your leg as a teacher attempts to coax them into school.  Every instinct within you wants to scoop the child up and bring them back home to cuddle and soothe.  But...your logical side is reminded that school is important, children need to be independent and you really don't want to raise an adult that clings to you at 30.  Of my three children, two needed to be dragged into school on several occasions, while the third waved goodbye and never looked back!  With April vacation coming to a close some parents out there are beginning to get the question...do I have to go back to school on Monday?  What can be done to help the child that is school adverse?  HealthyChildren.org our pediatric content partner offers some great insight and strategies for helping the child that would rather stay home.   

School Avoidance: My Child Seems Afraid to Go to School.  Should I Be Concerned?  

By contactus@bridgewaterpediatrics.com
March 08, 2017
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  • Growing up my mother placed small cups of cereal around the house in hopes of getting this very picky three year old to eat.  Trying new foods and eating what was served became a daily battle.  Today, one of my three children has carried on this family tradition.  She is the picky one- unhappy with the food offerings, dislikes new choices and turns her nose at anything that may have once lived on a farm.  I have mostly avaoided the food battles of my youth with her, opting instead to find dishes that include options she may enjoy.  It has not been easy (And no one would consider her a foodie!) but I have seen improvement over the years.  As a parent how do you deal with a fussy eater?  Our content partner Healthy Children.org has some very informative articles on nutrition and parenting.  The article below gives some helpful pointers for working with fussy eaters.  

                                                                            How to Please Fussy Eaters 

By contactus@bridgewaterpediatrics.com
March 01, 2017
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  • One out of three isn't bad...right?  Toilet training was a battle with two of my children, they were frustrated, we were frustrated, it didn't take long to see that battle lines had been drawn.  Prizes were offered, reasonable plans were developed, sticker charts were created, but nothing worked.  For many parents toilet training can leave you questioning your skills as a parent and wondering if your child will ever reach this milestone.  HealthyChildren.org our partner site for pediatric content has some excellent pointers on toilet training including this article on the signs that your toddler is ready to toilet train.  Check out the article and may you have a saner toilet training process than my family!

How to Tell When Your Child is Ready

By contactus@bridgewaterpediatrics.com
February 15, 2017
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  • As a child I was voted most quiet at a summer camp I attended.  Meeting new people terrified me, new social settings were intimidating and it took a while for me to warm up to new people.  As an adult I have moved past this, I am certainly an introvert, but being frozen by shyness is a thing of the past.  For most kids that struggle with shyness- they will, like myself, overcome the struggle as they mature.   
  • Some kids are quiet.  Some kids need transition time when entering new social situations.  Some kids prefer to play alone.  This is okay.  When though, should a parent be concerned that their child's shyness, is a sign of something more serious?  Healthy Children.org our partner site for pediatric content has a great article on shyness and when a parent should be concerned. 
  • Shyness in Children 

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