Baby's Big Day Out!
January 18, 2017
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When my wife and I had our first child I distinctly remember leaving the house for the first time with our daughter.  A week before our walk to the coffee shop was a casual and enjoyable part of our weekly routine.  The first time we dared to venture our newborn daughter on this same casual walk everything had changed.  Suddenly the walk seemed full of potenial dangers, what had been a neighborhood stroll now seemed like an epic adventure.  We probably looked pretty silly to more "seasoned" parents, several bags of food, clothes, and a stroller that resembled an armored vehicle.  By our third child we could leave the house with half a bottle, a few Cheerios, an extra onesie and a $10 umbrella stroller.  

Healthy offers some thoughts on what new parents might need and not need when taking baby out, this article comes about fourteen years too late for us, but it's right on time for new parents.   

Heading Out With Baby