I Don't Want To Go To School!
By contactus@bridgewaterpediatrics.com
April 20, 2017
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It is one of the most difficult tests a parent will face.  A child crying, screaming and clingy to your leg as a teacher attempts to coax them into school.  Every instinct within you wants to scoop the child up and bring them back home to cuddle and soothe.  But...your logical side is reminded that school is important, children need to be independent and you really don't want to raise an adult that clings to you at 30.  Of my three children, two needed to be dragged into school on several occasions, while the third waved goodbye and never looked back!  With April vacation coming to a close some parents out there are beginning to get the question...do I have to go back to school on Monday?  What can be done to help the child that is school adverse?  HealthyChildren.org our pediatric content partner offers some great insight and strategies for helping the child that would rather stay home.   

School Avoidance: My Child Seems Afraid to Go to School.  Should I Be Concerned?