When is too soon for a cell phone?
By contactus@bridgewaterpediatrics.com
December 15, 2016
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  • I grew up with a rotary phone, attached to a wall, my first cell phone was in college, in the 90's, so...I'm essentiaslly a dinosaur.  Yet, for this parent of three the question seems to pop up earlier and earlier, "Can I get a phone?  Other kids in my class have one!".  With the holidays coming up quickly, and phones topping many gift lists, the question has become all the more relevent.  What is the right age to consider getting your child a phone?  High School, middle school or earlier?  For many parents this topic also means thinking about social media, the internet and your child entering into the digital world.  Healthy Children.org our partner site for pediatric content has an interesting article on the questions and concerns related to phones for young people.  

Cell Phones: What's the Right Age to Start?