Lactation Consultations

Bridgewater Pediatrics is excited to offer lactation consultations for breastfeeding moms. Call our office to schedule an appointment.  

A Lactation Consultation Would Be Helpful If:

  • Your baby is having a difficult time latching on
  • Mom has pain while breastfeeding
  • Mom has nipple pain and/or damage
  • Your baby is more than 3 days old and you do not hear swallowing or gulping while breastfeeding
  • Your baby is sleepy and has fewer than 8 feedings in 24 hours
  • At 3 days old your baby is not having 3 wet diapers & 3 yellow bowel movements in 24 hours
  • After breastfeeding your baby is not satisfied and acts hungry
  • Your baby is not gaining weight or has lost weight
  • Mom is concerned that her milk supply is low
  • Mom is using a nipple shield
  • Mom complains her breasts are full/firm, heavy, and uncomfortable, and as a result her baby has a difficult time latching (engorgement)
  • Mom complains one or both breasts are painful to touch, hard, red, or if mom has flu-like symptoms or an elevated temperature (mastitis)
  • You intend to return to work or school

During Your Personal Consultation:

  • We will review your pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding history, as well as your goals, expectations and concerns.
  • There will be a physical exam of your breasts and an observation of a breastfeeding session to enable us to offer specific suggestions to enhance your breastfeeding experience.
  • If you have a pump, you can be given a demonstration on how to use your pump.
  • Included with your consultation is unlimited phone support.

Scheduling a Lactation Consultation:

  • If you feel a lactation consultation would be helpful, call Bridgewater Pediatrics office at 508.697.8116.
  • Plan on an office visit of 60 minutes, and mom is welcome to bring another support person to the appointment.

Links and Resources:

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