Nutritional Consultations

Bridgewater Pediatrics is thrilled to offer nutritional consultations with Tina Larson, RDN, LDN. Tina provides nutrition education to patients and families and offers grocery tours, weight loss counseling, and nutrition wellness evaluations.  Tina also provides nutrition education to patients and families, offers grocery tours, weight loss counseling, help with IBS/FODMAP elimination diets and nutrition wellness evaluations.  Tina is also available to see adults for diabetes, cardiac or weight loss assistance.  

Who Should Have Nutrition Consultations?

Treatment for childhood obesity, if tackled early, can prevent adult complications. If you think that your family may not be eating properly, a Nutrition Consultation at Bridgewater Pediatrics can help sort out areas of concern and offer suggestions for improvement for the entire family.

What Can I Expect During a Nutrition Consultation?

Tina will meet with patients and families to evaluate current eating and activity patterns and encourage healthier choices and strategies. She will provide an individualized meal plan and be available via email for support and to answer questions. Initial visits are scheduled for 1 hour. Follow-up visits usually are ½ hour.  All visits are held at Bridgewater Pediatrics.

What Should I Bring?

Please complete and bring our Patient Questionnaire. We also ask that you complete and bring a Food Diary.

Does Insurance Cover Nutrition Consultations?

You should contact your insurance provider to find out if nutrition consultations are covered, how many visits are allowed, and what your co-payment will be.