Health Topics

The links below will guide you through some of the most common health topics that we treat here at Bridgewater Pediatrics.  All of the links utilize the most up to date best practices information in pediatrics.  Need more information?  Never hesitate to call, we love serving you and your family!  


Below you will find the dosage charts for Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl and also a helpful article on medication safety.  

Dosage Charts for Tylenol®, Motrin® and Benadryl®

Medication Safety 

Poison Control

For a poison emergency in the United States, call 1-800-222-1222.

Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention is a not-for-profit organization that provides assistance and expertise in the medical diagnosis, management and prevention of poisonings involving the people of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


The Bridgewater Pediatrics vaccination schedule and also information on the importance of vaccinating your children are found below.  

Vaccination Schedule

Why Immunizations Work 

HPV Vaccine: Parental Questions.  A helpful guide for parents with questions about the HPV Vaccine.  

HPV Vaccine: 6 Reasone to Get HPV Vaccine for Your Children 

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Common Cold

Check out the links below for information on treating the common cold, identifying cold symptoms and avoiding a cold.

Children and Colds  

Is it a Cold or Allergies?

Germ Prevention 


Fever in a child can be a scary experience for a parent, the links below provide some answers to common fever based concerns.  

Signs and Symptoms of Fever

When to Call a Pediatrician?- Fever

Fever without Fear


Below you will find links with information on best practices for helping babies sleep safely and establish good life-long sleep patterns.  

Getting Your Baby to Sleep

Back to Sleep, Tummy to Play

Safe Sleep for Babies

Sleeping Through the Night 

Starting Solids

Transitioning to solid foods is an exciting milestone in a child's development.  Below you will find some helpful guidance on when and how to introduce solid foods.  

Starting Solids (English) 

Starting Solids (Spanish) 


Constipation in children and babies can be uncomfortable and leave parents searching for solutions.  The links below give some helpful tips in assisting constipated chiuldren and babies.  

Constipation in Children

Infant Constipation 


The ability to rise above challenging circumstances is one of the best skills that we can pass along to our children.  The articles below give useful advice on ways to build resiliency in children.  

Building Resilience 

Resiliency Building in Communities


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Understood offers At a Glace: Classroom Accommodations for ADHD

Does My Child Have ADHD?

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Allergy and Asthma

Together with Boston Children's Hospital, we offer Instructional Videos regarding asthma care. 

The Allergy and Asthma Program at Boston Children's Hospital evaluates and treats children with all types of allergy problems and with asthma. The program strives to provide optimal care to patients and to promote understanding and research into allergic disorders and asthma.   

Allergies- an article from on common childhood allergies and treatment options.  

Food Allergies in Children

Introducing Peanuts

What is Asthma?

Managing Asthma 

Instructional Asthma Videos (English)

Instructional Asthma Videos (Spanish) 


Ticks and Lyme Disease

From April through September the risks of encountering ticks when enjoying the outdoors increase in the New England area.  The links below offer preventative measures for avoiding ticks and also offer treatment paths for those that have encountered a tick bite.  

CDC- Tickborne Diseases

How to Remove a Tick

Tick Prevention 

Tick Patrol- A Helpful Video For Teaching Kids About Tick Checks 


The development of acne can be troubling for those working their weay through the years of adolescence.  The handouts below offer some advice on treating acne.  

Acne Treatment (English)

Acne Treatment (Spanish) 

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease 

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Coxsackie Virus  

Substance Abuse 


Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Massachusetts Addiction Helpline 

Marijuana Abuse

Overdose Prevention 

Prevention and Treatment Options